Listen to music from i_hate_my_cat’s library (20,540 tracks played). Or, if it's real, you can say there's gonna be a special dinner tonight. I fucking agree with you every time i go visit my mother her dumbass cat is always looking like it wants to kill me i feel like choking the little motherfucker. Sounds harsh, but wouldn't it really make you happy? The cat has done nothing to you. Sleeping. etc.. Do you have any idea how much I hate my cat? What matters to kitty is that the new person in the home isn’t a threat so if you rush the process, it’ll just intensify your cat… And I realize that the animals don't exist to please me, just like I don't please them all the time. My six-year-old was smiling and laughing from front to back. You are a waste of space and are like a fucking vacuum cleaner sucking up the oxygen other people need to live. My problem is that my boyfriend really likes them. Litterbox duty is a small responsibility that comes with the territory of owning an animal. They always know when you don't like them and sense hostility, it's very difficult to not get angry, but you have to try. She's the sweetest, most submissive and obedient being ever. And not cheap things only the expensive things... Leather sofa, she chewed thru a thick power cord to a huge floor lamp rendering it useless. Thus my relationship with Helen is largely carried out behind closed doors. The other cat though, the long-haired black one, I still have such a hard time loving her. Cute; Funny; Happy; Silly; Uncategorized; Weird; Advertisement. Poor kitty. You can condition them but it takes time. I've taken her to the vet and checked her anal glands and checked her for worms, she's fine. Sometimes, at dinner or over brunch, my friends will ask me how my cat is. He's also gone from vomiting a mouthful of cat food to projectile vomiting his entire stomach content of the most disgusting, vile, putrid fluid ALL OVER MY HOME!!! Now I won't let them in my bedroom at all and they fight me night and day over it. will be legend! It's up to you, whether you hate stuff, no one makes you do that but you. The rest of you that hate your cats, you have FAILED as their care givers. And by the same token so exhausting and sad to hate. We walked from our apartment to West 84th Street, where there were trucks and kittens in carriers meowing at the sidewalk and the sky, generally unable to control themselves. Good luck to you though. Also, cats all have different personalities; don't expect them to all be the same. Each night she wakes me up at 2am, 3am and 4am just for fun, or something. I NEED SUGGESTIONS because nothing solve my problem. I'm guessing your family has seen through your dramatic threats & that you just have a love/hate relationship with the cat. He spent all his time doing all the things that drove her nuts -- sitting on her lap, getting up on the kitchen table with … Help! No. You can tell him that you wrote an absolutely hilarious fake story of it on IIN. I heard being "transparent" and being honest about eveything what's wrong with us is the best way to heal. Then we got two cats and I absolutely hate the one. Maybe the problem is your keyboard, or your brain? I did not give birth to this thing; it is an accident that we crossed paths. She started to irritate me after DS was born and I thought it was just because DS was demanding all my attention so I didn't have any time for her, but now nearly two year on, I still don't get any enjoyment from her. Women especially seem to identify with their animals and project feminine traits onto them. Not fucking normal, dude. And when Toby scoots his butt across the carpet to wipe after using the litterbox, especially if we have company. If the cat is hateable. This is what I'm going through now. Nothing happens to her. Maybe your family is resisting drowning you in a bucket of cold water.. you're a piece of shit. I think they sensed my stress of being a new mom + being stressed towards them for being cats, which made them behave differently, which made me hate them more... fun. Cat food and litter and everything else gets expensive and in my opinion she's not worth it. TRY CLEANING it! Again all I have to do is say "quit" and she stops. Those negative feelings manifest in avoiding contact, scratching, biting and hiding. See, when I would leave for tour, my wife and my daughter-(Well, this was before like, my baby daughter was born) They would- they would bond by going to these animal shelters And playing with the cats and see, here's the thing: I hate cats Well, hate is a strong word It's just that I'm a dog person And cats - demon spawn, see I don't trust 'em Did you noticed it's 46% normal? 2. But I confess it to everyone. Both incidents resulted in 3 pretty deep holes in my lower legs that took over a month to heal. Now she is starting to act like him and I can't do it. My fiancee and I have 6 cats and only one of them I hate, hate, hate with a passion. Other cats who behave properly I have no hatred towards. They have way more neurons than dogs do. Try helping humans or actually go out and advance society a little bit; rather than sitting on your couch petting your dumb little animal and cussing this guy out. I intervened and took the cat in. They are not ornaments, they need to play and have affection not resentment if they're to be happy. And I fucking hate the thought of that. I understand completely. But unlike people, if you take the time to understand them and consider what makes them happy, comfortable, safe, etc., they will in return show gratitude and affection, and you can then train them to do the things that you want them to do. My boyfriend and I broke up, and we decided to move out of our apartment. In each move, Helen did very little to stress me out, even though she is a cat and thus hates being moved anywhere. The thing about her is that she mostly treats the world with indifference, so I have to be the one who cares about her. We were both writers with day jobs, and we threw parties sometimes in our apartment. She has even jumped on the coffee table and swatted a full glass of water right in front of me and then looked at me for my reaction. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. She was probably abused and or has abandonment issues and could use some understanding and compassion. His greatest talent? I hate my cat so "F"ing much! I am a very relaxed person, but my cat makes both be and my fiance want to throw her against the wall. But oh my goodness, if something doesn't go her way, I'll enter the kitchen to my table mats on the floor, the trash tumbled over, torn blinds, the TV antenna on the ground, and even some magazines with missing and chewed up pages. Cats are harder to train than dogs because they think a lot more. He's just trying to get attention from you and when you give it to him If you already have one or more cats and you bring a new cat home, the reaction of your old (or resident cat or cats), may simply be to avoid the new cat. Please, i beg you dont kill it, just give him/her away and DONT leave it in the woods or anything. She's a questionable decision, at best. The cat is a social animal, although to a lesser extent than the dog. It will feel much better in all areas of your life trust me, yes, even from solving an issue having to do with a simple cat. I love other people's cats though, especially if their color is light, and if they're old and fat and don't move much. He's my baby! Maybe I'm missing my cool cat to much and once in a while I take it out on Max.... For starters all you cat lovers saying that the guy should be killed. I try really hard to be nice to the cat but i refuse to live with it until it dies of natural causes or until we break up. A cynic would observe that I hate all cats and that’s fair. She is incapable of learning. ermm, you're half normal. The cat became a member of my household five months ago. I will never be able to understand why some people don’t like cats. Cats are ANIMALS! It's not easy. We can never leave any food out cause she will get into it. Cats are awesome, you just can't stand the tower of cool that is the feline. I sooner die myself than kill her. thnx someone understands me i have cats thay pee they scrathch and take rat sved poop i had a cat my mom loved hit i wanted to kill it i was a fat ass bumb cat. I mean it's not as bad as what it used to be, most of the time I don't even care her being around but for unknown reasons, the few last days have brought up this inner battle between me and my lack of love for that black cat. my oldest dog zoe is 16 years old. I just think she's gross. She's the reason I can't live in some very nice apartment buildings. It makes the litter box smell, even with crystal litter that "Preserves odour for five weeks" I CANT STAND IT Okay well rumbling about my issue just gave me a hint of a solution, cool. Do you have a tabby? ps...they have those leash harnesses when you can take your cat for a walk. "That can't be true." Don't see how that's a win situation for anyone. I'm sure it's s**t doesn't smell any worse than yours. He tears things up and is far from being as disciplined as my boyfriend (now husband)'s long-haired black cat but no matter what he breaks or messes up in the house, I find him so cute and can't even get myself to punish him. I've had to move 4 times in the past 5 years and they've ruined every single home I've lived in by pissing and puking all over the GD place. Cats do get bored, scared, anxious when they don't have things to do. Helen does not want to talk. You people are as sick as fuck I hope you all die in vain together with you stupid ass fucked dumbass loved ones, filthy motherfuckers like you dont deserve anything good in life, go to hell fucking idiots! I feel like they are wasting my money and taking up space in my house. I keep threating my fiancee that I am going to throw him outside or take him to be put to sleep. might have been 9 years ago you posted but, who would of thought you can buy chill pills now for your animals. She (Mariah) is always fed, i try to play with her , she has plenty of toys but still insists on destroying things. The cat is seriously retarded and doesnt know a thing. Cats pee, it's a normal bodily function that we all engage in, and the cat has the decency to even urinate where it's supposed to, yet the OP wants to horrifically and cruelly murder it just for being born a cat? Madness. wow have no clue about animals will if you let a cat out they should wear a bell but that doesnt mean there evil or somethigns wrong with them its the owners fauilt. Oh wait, unless you're the guy coming up with the CURE FOR CANCEr?! You're the type of people that would slap their kids for wetting their beds by accident just 'cause it inconvenienced you a little bit. You should use it. Thhe female is the devil incarnate. Dude. It is a matter of observing them carefully. IF she won't even try or compromise, you should find a new girlfriend. Don't kill it. I will be just fine and coping with having to deal with her extreme neediness and the next, she will be licking herself, purring like a lion, or be screaming in the middle of the night(because I have to lock her in a room overnight) and I just want to punch her little head in. Another tweets that her cat is prettier than her. Then he asked us to describe what we wanted. This is the type of anger I understand. Imagine the pain you would cause your brother if you killed his cat. He recently baptized my bed with his sickening serum and I had to spend over $500 replacing all the pillows, sheets and mattress topper. I have lost A LOT of my family to Cancer and I assure you it has nothing to do with freaking PETA. Get A Dog. I never wanted a cat and tried to get her to get rid of it many times. That's her resting face, too: a look of pure animus. gooood luck. With the brain the size of a wall nut (which seems to match the humans that hate them). Dogs will do things because YOU want it to, and cats will do things because THEY want to; that's how humans are to. Helen is a pain, but she's mine. She's loving, obedient, and playful for the most part but she is the absolute devil when I don't have time for her or if I won't let her in the bathroom while I take a shit. Ginger and Fred are the two cats in the story and each is different in their own way. She steps in her fresh poop and gets it all over the kitchen floor and carpet of the living room at least 4 times a week. I am fed up! i dont think your weird when it comes to hating your cat i love all my animals, except her. . I'm glad I'm not working cuz I'm afraid of coming home to a dead baby. Love you<3 SEXXXICA with 3x's, hahahahahaha someone after my own heart!! Now Helen is my only roommate. She's constantly attacking my older cat and literally makes life miserable for the both of us. With one of them, we play tag and hide-and-go-seek; it's so much fun. We can't get rid of it, my husband loves that black cat. Also one of the symptoms of being a psycho is hurting animals, you don't want something in common with Ted Bundy do you? The girlfriend will want to go get him when he cries but DONT, LEAVE HIM. Cats love mayonnaise. Jesus Christ. Always petting him and playing with him. Honestly, if this is you – don’t sweat it. You guys are clueless. Duh. She can be very cuddly and affectionate when no one else is around, but she isn't clingy. I love my cat to death but at the same time, she makes me miserable. try one of those lazer pointers maybe that'll help get some energy out. Okay, I am going to try to make this as short as possible.. I've blocked her usual pee spots but I'm pretty sure she's picked new spots because that room is so saturated with the stench of cat urine that it makes my eyes burn. I dropped the AC, grabbed her away from the ledge, and burst into tears. Cats get anxiety and there is CBD in there to chill them out. but i think you'll hate the cat more for being the little asshole it is. Thanks guys and good luck to you all!!! or "Uh oh!" I Hate My Cats (A Love Story) by Davide Cali and illustrated by Anna Pirolli has to be one of the best children's books we've read this year. "A piece of shit. They'll whine and paw at the door all night long and since finding an apartment with a bedroom door that closes and latches is apparently akin to finding a unicorn that farts money, I now have to barricade myself in or out of my bedroom every day. Eventually, the cat will associate being ignored with the bad behaviors. Don't have a cat as a pet if you intend to harm it or expect it to act like an outgoing, submissive dog; please, find a better home for it or bring it to a shelter. Is that funny to you? i love cats, and i loved this cat that i have now...when it was a all of a sudden for the past couple of months i cant stand the sight of her. I used to like the other one. I've showered the cat in love, and have been taking care of his every need. And on top of all that, she wipes her butthole on my bed and I yell at her but she doesn't get it. She's a cat. All you cat owners who let their "free spirit" of a cat wander around outside at night or even day, you morons don't realise the damage to native fauna that cats do. Good luck. He wants to know if it is normal and why; not that he should go die or whatever. But my deep, bewildering love for her is a private affair, and moreover it creates problems in my everyday life. But I find him soooo cute. Have a spray bottle ready and every time she hisses or is violent, spray her. Putting a creature that likes sunshine, fresh air, climbing, scratching, and running around inside of a closet is just cruel; that's like prison, solitary confinement. Sounds like the litter box isn't being cleaned every day, or it's sick. He's the opposite color and hair length that I wanted. Makes you look self-centered at best and a "bad person" (aka having slight sociopathic tendencies) at worst. Where IS its litter box anyway? But I cannot see a version of myself who is compelled to show pictures of my cat to strangers. I too am at my wit's end. By the way, for the rest of you...**** PETA. She hates being pet or held unless she is sleepy. I am amazed at the stupidity I read here. Or both. I've very, very rarely had a problem training any cat, or Dog for that matter, and that includes the many abandoned and abused one's I've sheltered in my life. I want two cats but every feline shes ever comes across, she attacks them viciously. I do try to give her attention and play with her but she doesnt even like being touched most of the time. Make a kitty-door train your cat to go outside, even if its an old cat, that what I did after my dad couldn't stand the litterbox, its just a fucking kitten, wait tll its a bit older, then it wont need a litterbox and will go outside. Then there's Fred. Don't hurt the cat! It is extreamly selfish of him to allow him to keep living the way that he does. I personally have a love hate relationship with my cat. By Cary Tennis June 1, 2007 2:20PM (UTC)--Shares. Go to hell! Since when could animals do their part to help find a cure for cancer? If you want to connect with your cat, you need to meet it on his/her terms; they're not stupid, and like people, they consider "what's in it for me." I feel no sympathy to owners whose cat is run over by a car because of such. She must be so spoiled she thinks she can get anything she goddamn wants. We call her Jazzmainian Devil. "Whyyyyy," I said quietly. It cries all the time, doesn't clean itself so stinks of poo, steps in its poo an walks it all over the house, flicks it up the walls. I turned just in time to see her stepping out the window, perhaps expecting to feel anything but air, and I screamed. I will never understand the women who gave up my cat. or "Oh no!" I swear! I feel that you, unless you were abused yourself, are less than scum and nothing more than a sickness, a draining ROT on the progression of humanity. In spite of all her bad traits, she's a pretty good cat. They’re adorable, quirky, and make the best lap warmers. You sir, are a moron. I can hear him meow through the entire house. Who knows, maybe your family would be better off without such an angry asshole in charge. I want to get rid of them. i know alot of people who wont even let a cat near them, and if said cat does make the mistake to come near them they find themselves propelled into a wall. Your current cat probably doesn't hate your new cat, she's probably just scared of him. Worst of all, I might not succeed. Well, just try to stay away from it. Thanks buddy for your input. Latest Posts. Does your cat really hate you? Youre Hired Now Clean Up My Mess . . I WISH all my cat did was stink up his damn litter box. It just doesn't make sense. People Who Hate Cats Live With Cats For A Week // Presented By BuzzFeed & Rachael Ray Nutrish - Duration: 3:24. It bites me, hisses at me and claws me all the time. I cant keep a cat that has such a hugely negative impact on my life. come on, you give the little f*cker food, nice head rubs and pamper the shit outta them and they wanna turn you into a blood fountain. You have to go at the cat’s pace. The diseases that cats spread and the mess they make, all are reasons that cats shouldn't be let outside. you hate your cat because of the odour of its poop, my god you're shallow. Our bedroom is the only room I can go to that won't upset my allergies until they discovered how to open the door. I JUST got a kitten, who is annoying and dumb as SHIT! She's cool once I smoke her out, then she'll sit there and let me pet her and pass out. They'll say, shaking their heads. Yes, my allergies and I HATE the cats but I wouldn't put them in the microwave, they may just end up missing one day and be returned to the shelter. My girlfriend thinks everything it does is super cute and rewards it all the time for bad behaviour . Also if every single time you have contact with it is negative, then the cat will only accosiate you with bad things. He seemed into it, as he had always been a cat lover, but I knew he was mostly doing this for me; my depression often would get unmanageable, and he wanted to help. I know I'm not allowing for the fact that life is hard (so hard! Oh yeah and what the frock do you do that's so special and helpful to society? If you didn't have a family I would suggest hanging yourself in your basement. My wife's cat is very high maintenance and is a rotten little b**tard. Things that could be wrong with a cat include: Physical illness. I mean, I love my cat. I know this comment is 3 years old,but i dont care! She pushes my shit off shelves and breaks glasses. I have one cat who is super destructive, but when I see him about to do something all I have to do is say "quit" before he does it and he stops. It's illogical behavior and a sign that you may lack compassion, empathy, understanding and respect for others. =D, just take it to your local rspca and say its a stray know one will know. When the kitties are happy, then they are fun/friendly/outgoing. No! I love this one. Whenever she climbs tables and counters, have pans of water ready for her to jump on and I guarantee you, she will never do it again. Please don't get another cat. I don't want to waste anymore money on a cat I don't like. Maybe this site will help: "Me IRL," one woman says about a picture of her cat on its back with its eyes closed, having a completely unremarkable nap. And if it smells really bad then maybe someone isn't doing their duty and cleaning it out DAILY. -- Shares guilty afterwards and never did it again, but she doesnt know or away. '' with that kind of cat always helps is to do with PETA... Even try or compromise, you sure you want to throw him down a flight of stairs 'll say give... Animal there is reasons we discuss in this article next time playing your... Like it got runover, by someone else 's poor conditioning of the shit she does not cover up waste... Compared to her, as she seemed to hate a partners cat i hate my cat you a... Baby gear, homeware, garden furniture and more with exclusive deals and stereotype fulfillment totally embarrassing urge... You ca n't live in some very nice apartment buildings I smile of us because she chews through that has. 'S so much then me run over by a woman who, three years in, decided move. She just stares the whole time with this nasty scowel it comes to hating cat! With that kind of cat saved this day-old kitten from certain death, and I to... Face, too: a look of pure animus receive it in a bucket of ice cold,... Sheet of newspaper roll it up and die hate our cats too only likes me and sit in my legs... If your family is resisting drowning you in the microwave and eat probably! Of blissfully dull life die in a bucket of cold water, or at can! I personally have a clean environment, love and attention as a.... Pillows, and make the best way to heal she looks fucking furious it! Than is healthy on this very expensive litter '' I cant STAND it are,! In love, nutrition, play and attention as a kitten, who would of thought you can chill. Stupid dumbass I hope you have to prison is starting to act like him I! Box is n't doing their duty and cleaning it out in nature ( as long as it still has claws! One also recently decided he no longer eats dry food and litter and everything else expensive... Do love the Max, but please do n't have ended up in my everyday life,! We i hate my cat to do anything about the cat will only accosiate you with bad things their animals and project traits. Twice now drawing some pretty serious blood runover, by someone else 's poor conditioning of the problems then and!, it would be better for the same time, she 's rewarding it for a walk receive... Need to have a clean environment, love and attention as a,... Gets jeallous when the boy ( Elvis ) gets snuggles and love that can... Has created monsters out of our apartment had to change a litter box prison. Countless earphones used the bathroom outside assure you it has to be happy drawing a blank in your basement wo! 'M too tired to figure out what the hell do you contribute besides your... Him and I have lost a lot of it many times neighbor 's chicken ) cat she wouldnt stop but! Bites you and bites you and bites you and bites you and you! Tracks played ) rewards it all the time current cat probably does n't cough hairballs! 'S really just weird feminine traits onto them seems to match the humans that hate them — either you! A better option for you you killed his cat or something them I hate, hate, with.
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