Maxi-Cosi offers premium high-quality car seats, strollers and travel systems designed to enable families to explore the world together. It was also easy to get back on. The entire front bottom lifts up and exposes the underside, making it super easy to reach in and feed the seat belt through. But much of that weight and bulk comes from its superior side-impact protection that protects both the torso and upper extremities. So what do you get with all that weight and bulk? We can't help but compare the Fit4 versus the Chicco NextFit. In terms of daily use, we found the seat surprisingly comfortable for its price range (about $150), with padding in all the right places, soft-touch plastics, and high quality fabric. You can check it the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio here. Then it transitions to two different types of booster seats, one with the highback still on it to position the vehicle's seat belt (30 to 100 pounds), and then finally you remove the back completely for a bottom-seat-only booster (40 to 120 pounds; see our reviews of best booster seats). Interested? Second, this Britax also uses the SafeCell impact protection system, which means that it is reinforced by steel, and uses a shell that is packed with energy absorbing foam. It feels like a tank - heavy, large, and thick padding and high quality plastics all around. The Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit combines the best convertible car seat with the most versatile model into one truly fantastic all-in-one car seat. Yes, a convertible car seat can be positioned rear-facing, just make sure your newborn is at or above the minimum height and weight for the convertible car seat. When it comes to pricing, the Magellan is priced a bit more than the Pria 85.Â. In addition to a steel frame, energy-absorbing foam, and side-impact protection, the safest car seats also use an anti-rebound bar, like the Britax Advocate ARB. Those aspects do make it a little lighter-weight, which is a definitely plus. An important note about the LATCH system: do not use LATCH when your child exceeds 35 pounds rear-facing, or 40 pounds front-facing (switch to the vehicle's belts at that point). Did we mention the price? Installation is a little clunky but easy enough, and it's not super heavy - likely owing to the fact that it doesn't have a steel-reinforced frame. Free Shipping on Orders Over $19. Just like the Nuna Rava, the Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat can be used for children from 4-65 pounds and transitions from a rear to forward-facing car seat when the time comes. Downfalls? There are two major differences between the Maxi-Cosi Magellan and the Britax one4life. And everything works perfectly. In our testing, we also thought the fabric was awesome, but it got a little warm in the summer months and caused a sweaty back in one of our toddler testers. Some convertible car seats sell for about $100 (see our reviews of cheap convertible car seats here), most in the $200-250 range, and then some others for $250 upwards to $450. 40–120 lb. Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Max. Nuna Rava comes with car seat belt installation system, whereas Maxi Cosa Pria 85 comes with the LATCH installation system. During our hands-on testing, we spill milk and juice on them, test their stability during erratic driving, measure head-flop during naps, research crash test ratings, test all of the features and adjustments, and solicit honest opinions from parents who have owned and used the convertible car seats for at least 6 months. Over 50 Million Babies Carried Home Safely. With the Maxi-Cosi Pria 85, this feature is limited to a 14-40 lbs weight limit. There are four primary differences between the regular and Max Magellan seats. This is the newest addition to the Maxi Cosi convertible car seat line-up. To make things easier, there is a clever ball level that shows you exactly how much recline you should have when positioned rear-facing. 6. No more buying an infant seat, then a toddler seat, and then a backed booster followed by a backless booster. The Nuna Rava is susceptible to the ills of summer and might cause a bit of discomfort for your kids. SnugRide 35 Lite LX Infant . 346 346 reviews. Our hands-on testing and focus groups resulted in some outstanding convertible car seats for you to consider. One of the most versatile and best car seats on the market, this seat converts from a rear facing infant and toddler car seat supporting weights from 5 to 40 pounds, to a forward facing seat supporting weights from 20 to 65 pounds, and then finally to a belt- positioning booster from 30 to 100 pounds. What convertible car seat is best for small cars? In the rear-facing configuration the seat protrudes very far from the back seat (up to about 35"), making it more suitable for the passenger side or for larger vehicles. The Grow and Go is Safety 1st's flagship convertible car seat and offers some serious bang for the buck. The reason is that the head-rest cannot adjust very high in rear-facing mode (according to the owner's manual), so once your baby gets over about 32" tall. What is a convertible car seat? Maxi-Cosi Vello 65. First, we really liked the fact that the rear-facing weight limit of the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio convertible car seat goes all the way up to 45lbs. It also uses the SuperLATCH system, which makes attaching and detaching the seat easy and secure, with a nice visual indicator so you'll be confident that it's attached correctly. For safety, it supports rear-facing up to 45 pounds, has side-impact protection, EPS energy-absorbing foam, a steel-reinforced frame, and uses the safe-stop harness technology. That will make your life much easier during the infant years, allowing you to snap an infant car seat in-and-out of the base and your stroller. It does come with the premium quality (push-button) LATCH lower anchor connectors, but NUNA is very adament (with tons of bright stickers to tell you so) that they want to you use the vehicle's lap and shoulder belt for installation. This seat supports babies as small as 5 pounds and up to 40 pounds in the rear-facing position (as long as they are under 40" tall). Interested? At the upper limit of 40 pounds rear-facing, leg room got a bit cramped in the rear-facing position, but this is to be expected. It's also limited to 40 pounds rear-facing (or 40" height). If you're looking for versatility and long-term use, you've come to the right place! Chicco. We found it to be rather bulky and large, it has no booster mode or cup holders, the seat sits super high up in the car (which isn't good for smaller cars), and it's not very good at accommodating taller kids. KeyFit 30 Infant . We can simplify those 5 phase into 3 different modes : Rear-Facing for 5-40 lbs infant/toddler, forward-facing harness for 22-65 lbs toddler/child and … First, the Max supports smaller babies, with the Max going down to 5 pounds but the non-Max version only going down to 14 pounds (and doesn't have an infant insert like the Max). The Clek Foonf – Review Here, Buy Here. This is the most versatile car seat on our list: not only does it convert from an infant to toddler seat, it also converts all the way to a bottom-only booster. So you'll very likely be able to use this seat as rear-facing until your toddler is about 2 years old, unless they are very tall. Maxi-Cosi Magellan is the standard version of Magellan Max. The L-shaped seats are much easier to get in and out of. We didn't have that happen yet in ours, but we want to point out that several parents have told us about this experience. The Maxi-Cosi Magellan gives room for infants between 5 to 40 lbs. Third, the InRight LATCH system is awesome and makes life easier when you need to pull it in/out of different vehicles. The Maxi-Cosi Magellan, unlike other convertible seats, saves you the cost of buying a new seat as your child grows. 5–40 lb. A couple cons worth pointing out: first, it does not have cup holders, though that might not be a deal-breaker for you. First, the Max uses the "Nomad" line of fabrics, which has trendy colors (like heather gray) and fabrics that are less vulnerable to collecting hair and lint (more on that later). Made right here in the USA, the Marathon has a very strong history for safety, quality, reliability, and a fair price (about $250 and up). The seat’s shell extends to move the side impact “zone” up as the child grows. There were a few things we didn't like about the seat. November 3, 2020 Uncategorized. 39 39 reviews. Now let's get into some of its functionality. What is the best convertible car seat 2020? The Chicco NextFit Zip is always a crowd favorite, and for several good reasons. The Magellan comes with a Latch while the Nuna Rava requires seat belts to get hooked on to your vehicle. Rear-facing, this seat can support from 5 (with the included infant body/head inserts) all the way up to 50 pounds, and front-facing up to 65 pounds. The Nuna RAVA is a very high-end convertible product with plush comfort padding, a super soft fabric cover, and a very sleek look with quality construction and high attention to detail. Well, if you compare it feature for feature to the Graco and Britax options above, you realize that it doesn't really stand out in any particular way except for the higher weight and higher price tag. Monterey XT Latch . First, the Magellan is designed with a latch that might be a bit complicated when installing. Thanks! The buckles are easy to use, recline was straight-forward (though limited in slots), and the headrest height was easy to adjust. 2.Mico AP Infant Car Seat – Lightest Seat. So, there are really a ton of great features on the Chicco Nextfit ix Zip, not to mention how great the fabric was - it was soft, breathable, and comfortable, while also being easy to wipe clean with a cloth as needed. The Rainier is one of the more luxurious convertible car seats on this list, and in our testing we found it extremely comfortable and high quality. First, its size and weight make it impractical for most families, but we'll leave that up to you. Once you switch to forward-facing mode (minimums are 22 pounds and 30" tall, but we suggest going rear-facing for much longer), the seat supports children up to 65 pounds or 49" tall. The difference between them is that the Max adds several core features. Modern convertible car seats are getting larger and larger, with bigger side-impact protection, thicker cushioning, taller backs, and accessories like cup holders that often stick out a couple inches on the side and/or front of the car seat. Car Seats for the Littles, Inc is a community-driven, education oriented organization, staffed by American Child Passenger Safety Technicians, Canadian Child Restraint System Technicians and global child passenger safety advocates, created with the goal of sharing injury-prevention information in a manner easily accessible to the widest range of individuals. Instead of the traditional "hook" LATCH, which is a pain to remove for quick-swapping between vehicles, the InRight LATCH system has a red button that you press to release the clip. Second, there is no cupholder included, but they do sell one separately. This includes both the width and height of the seat. Interested? Width is important when you're trying to squeeze multiple car seats into the back seat of your car, and height is important when the convertible car seat is rear-facing (since it will likely come in contact with the back of the driver's or passenger's seat). 1.Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 – Safest All-Around Infant Seat. And all of the adjustments, lock-outs, the torso side impact protection mechanism, recline, headrest height, and everything else were super easy and intuitive to use. In our tests, we found that this model is also extremely easy to install, and the buckles worked very well for quickly getting the child in and out of the seat. 40–100 lb. The Magellan has been tested and proven to keep your kids unhurt if you ever get into a crash. We loved the SuperCinch LATCH installation, which can be used up to 35-pounds in rear-facing and 40-pounds in forward-facing mode, after which point you will need to switch to the vehicle's seatbelts. Overall, we think the Fit4 is a superior convertible car seat to the NextFit, with a couple caveats: seatbelt installation is a bit more challenging with the Fit4, and its infant mode might not be quite as cozy as with the NextFit. We first got our hands on this new release from Maxi Cosi last year, and were really excited for what it offers! Second, we liked the recline function: while it wasn't quite as extensive as the 4ever (which has 6 recline settings, and this has 4), it was easy to use via the handle right up front, and we found that the 4 positions were definitely sufficient for most applications (ranging from small to large vehicles, and little babies to toddlers). Second, it has some great installation and fit features, including no-rethread harness and headrest height adjustment, 3-position recline, 3 crotch buckle positions, harness holders to keep harnesses out of the way when not in use, and an integrated LATCH system (hook-style). First, the shoulder belts and headrest are easily adjusted using a handle positioned on the top (no rethreading ever needed). Britax never fails at appearing in at least a few of our best-rated car seat lists, and it's not only us. The Britax Boulevard ClickTight convertible and the Britax Advocate ClickTight convertible are also about 2" taller than the Marathon, which is great for taller kids and can help extend the rear-facing position before hitting the height limits. That's because they all have to meet the strict federal NHTSA safety standards and requirements, which includes passing stringent crash tests and build requirements. 1-16 of 45 results for "nuna rava" Best Seller in Convertible Child Safety Car Seats. It also has a sturdy steel-reinforced frame, EPP energy-absorbing foam, superior crash test performance, comfortable cushioning and fabric, easy installation and use, and a super high quality fit and finish. First, 3-in-1 means that it can accommodate newborns, infants, toddlers and big kiddos by transitioning from a rear-facing (5-40 pounds) car seat, to a front-facing car seat (22-65 pounds), and finally to a belt-positioning booster (40-100 pounds). The material with the Britax is hand wash only. The Nuna Rava remains the same through 2020! The non-platinum version uses the InRight LATCH system. The Maxi-Cosi Magellan is not a seat I’d recommend for smaller vehicles as a result of its width. In our testing, we found everything had a great hand-feel, and all of the components felt durable, high quality, and comfortable. Of course, if you're using the LATCH, it includes that as well and installation will be a breeze. Maxi-Cosi Magellan vs. Nuna Rava Nuna Rava and Maxi-Cosi Magellan are two convertible seats that are often placed side by side. 19"–40" 22–65 lb. It's also approved for air travel. Here are the most important factors we consider when conducting our reviews! Out of the box, the Britax Advocate felt huge, sturdy, and super high quality. But you do lose some features in comparison to the 4Ever. And while you're at it, check out something fancy to go along with it, like one of our best luxury strollers. It also offers a nice wide adjustment range, and some great safety features including side-impact protection, a beefy steel-reinforced frame, and EPS energy-absorbing foam. When your baby is ready to transition from an infant car seat, a convertible car seat can transition from rear-facing to front-facing and even to a booster car seat to support a newborn baby, infant, toddler, and big kid. Coming in at under 17" wide (16.9" to be precise), this is one of the narrowest convertible car seats on the market, making it perfect for smaller cars and fitting three car seats in a row. There are two major differences between the Maxi-Cosi Magellan and the Britax one4life. As long as your baby is larger than the minimum height and weight requirements, you can switch to a convertible car seat whenever you'd like. We don't tend to see that with many other brands, particularly ones at this price point. In addition to the safety, it's also a really premium seat in terms of its styling and super premium fit and finish, has a machine-washable cover, easy adjustments and a no-rethreat harness, and we found the adjustments really easy to use. At that point, you'll need to transition to a separate belt-positioning booster. When comparing the Radian versus Rainier, the Rainier offers extended rear-facing up to 50 pounds, and huge and deep side walls. But we don't think it should be neglected in your search! Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB: The 2nd Best Convertible Car Seat. The Nuna EXEC includes a slipcover to protect the seat from dirty shoes, while the fabrics on the Maxi-Cosi Magellan XP Max are safe for both the washer and dryer. And it's super comfy with its bucket-seat style and soft breathable fabric. Also, we love the big Air Protect side impact system, which is really the most substantial side impact head protection on the car seat market. And when we say it's a tank, we're not kidding: it's 30 pounds and nearly 20" wide! However, in this booster mode, the Maxi-Cosi is preferably used for children weighing between 40-120 lbs. The harness and headrest height adjustment was difficult to engage and use, using a handle at the top of the headrest. Only a few, including no booster mode, a limited rear-facing weight limit (40 pounds rather than 50 like some), no cup holders, and it is big and heavy. The maximum height range for the Magellan is 57 inches, while the Britax accommodates up to 63 inches. This convertible car seat provides a safe, comfortable haven for your little one from birth through toddlerhood. Can I use a convertible car seat for a newborn? So a lot of great features and comfort, but it's a bit lacking for a $300 car seat. While Nuna Rava can be easily installed in all car makes and models, Maxi Cosa Pria 85 can only be installed easily in vehicles with a LATCH. At a minimum, these additional safety features will provide some extra security during a crash, helping to absorb some of the harsh forces involved when a vehicle impacts another object from the front, side, or rear. Yes. The other difference is that it doesn't support babies down to 4 pounds, only down to 5. This includes both the width and height of the seat. nuna rava vs maxi cosi. The Britax Advocate, Boulevard, and Marathon use the ClickTight system, making installations super easy. That high comfort level makes it ideal for little naps during car rides, and makes longer road trips more bearable for babies and toddlers. This is a newer edition of the excellent series of Peg Perego car seats. First and foremost, it supports rear-facing all the way up to 50 pounds and has a really large overall weight range (4-65 pounds), going all the way down to 4 pounds (making it a great option for preemies). Like the 4Ever and Magellan, this car seat can support babies as little as 5 pounds and all the way up to 120 pounds (it's a 3-in-1 car seat), giving it an excellent overall weight range. The cover is machine washable. Maxi Cosi Rodifix Review – Easiest Buckle Booster Seat? In addition to this awesome versatility, it also has all the convenience features you've come to expect in a $300 car seat: a no-rethread harness, beefy side-impact protection, a steel-reinforced frame, EPS energy-absorbing foam, and great side-impact protection. Clek likes to say the Foonf is built like a tank, and we can't agree more! Installing it into our vehicles was amazingly easy when using the vehicle's seat belts; this is because the ClickTight system allows you to lift up the entire seat bottom to expose the seat belt pass-through. This means they can both pass for a booster seat, saving you the cost of buying a separate booster seat for your kids. Even when rear-facing, the adjustment strap could be easily accessed and pulled on for tightening. So, it's definitely super stylish and comfortable, no doubt about it. Third, this car seat cannot be positioned in the center position while using a LATCH installation, since it requires the standard (11") LATCH spacing and most vehicles do not have dedicated lower anchors in the center seat. The Graco 4Ever sells for about $250 to $300, depending on color options. Width is important when you're trying to squeeze multiple car seats into the back seat of your car, and height is important when the convertible car seat is rear-facing (since it will likely come in contact with the back of the driver's or passenger's seat). Looking for triple side-impact protection? Safety 1st Continuum. We also found the crotch strap to be a bit short, resulting in the lower straps digging a bit into chubby baby thighs. The 4Ever can also convert to a backless booster, which this does not. Even the most comfortable and safest convertible car seat will render itself super annoying if you end up cursing it every time you use it! But, if you as a caregiver has an open seating position with a tether, the Maxi-Cosi Magellan would be an excellent option. And they've somehow fit all that versatility into a car seat that's reasonably narrow, coming in at about 19" wide. $599.99 $ 599. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat | Ride Rear Facing Longer with Extend2Fit, Gotham. Installation was a little difficult simply due to its weight and bulk, especially when positioning rear-facing. If you're looking to go even longer rear-facing, then you might want to check out the Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit, which is the same seat but with a 5" extension to provide more leg room while rear-facing (just like the Graco Extend2Fit convertible seat, above), and supporting up to 50 pounds rear-facing. The Nuna can easily be installed onto any vehicle but the Megallan would require a Latch. Overall, this is a truly excellent new convertible car seat that is very deserving of this spot on our list! The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio has been on our list of best convertible car seats for several years now. Best Seller. And the relatively high price, coming in at about $375. Given how low the infant weight range goes (4 pounds), this can be a great option for premature babies. Second, the recline handle is right on the front and adjusts to a wide range (6-positions) of backseat slopes: this allows you to get the correct recline when used in rear-facing infant mode: as your infant gets larger, you will want less of a recline, even when rear-facing. Lowest harness position: 6 inches with insert, 8 inches without the insert. Highlights include support from birth (4 pounds) all the way to 10 years old (100 pounds or 57" tall), making it one of the most versatile car seats on the market. Parents who are in search of high-quality and safe convertible seats for their infants are always in tune with the duo. Which convertible car seat is the safest? Another feature we loved is that it can fold up for easier transport; so while it's very heavy, it is FAA certified for taking onto an airplane, and folds flat to make carrying a bit easier. However, in the booster mode, the Graco has the advantage of being converted into a backless seat. Our daughter is very tall for her age 10 months and while our Nuna Rava is gorgeous, incredibly well made, and safe it’s a touch uncomfortable for her neck as the straps aren’t very far apart. If you have a smaller car like a Corolla or Civic, it might not fit when rear-facing (at least not with a driver over 5 feet tall!) Like we noted earlier, the Rainier 2AXT adds the adjustable head rest, but also adds about $100 more cost. Our reviewers agreed that the Graco 4Ever was one of the most versatile, comfortable, and functional products available. Firstly, the two products come with an optional booster mood. At the higher end, the extended rear-facing offered by this seat is fantastic, maximizing safety through ages 2-3. The seat also has a 7-position recline that can help your child to find their comfortable sitting position. For instance, an anti-rebound bar and load leg can reduce dramatic rotational forces during a collision by up to 50%. Three times a year we pull together parents and kids to test the best new models we can find, installing them in different vehicles, putting in infants, toddlers, and big kids, and testing out all of the key features. But overall we also found that it's quite basic, doesn't have a great weight range for parents wanting to rear-face for longer, and is not as comfy and plush as other options. It is also approved for air travel and installation is super easy using the awesome ClickTight technology. So why isn't it higher on our list? Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Car Seat, check it the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio here, 16. The fabric is breathable and easy to clean (a big plus when your child spills milk all over the seat!) Most CPST technicians will note that even more important than all these safety features is that you are performing the installation safely and in accordance with the manufacturer's unique instructions. Interested in your thoughts - Nuna Pipa vs Maxi Cosi Car Capsules: Hi Mums! In the rear-facing configuration and with the infant insert installed, the seat can support from 5-20 pounds; the newborn recline setting is sufficient for many vehicles, but Britax also included a little cut-out area in the base to fit a pool noodle in case you need a bit more incline to accommodate your back seat's angle. That's basically from birth until your child is a "tween"! Highlights of this car seat include the strong Britax reputation for safety, quality, reliability, and support. Make sure you read the owner's manual to ensure you're installing and using the seat appropriately. 3.Maxi Cosi Magellan Convertible – Best All-In-One (5-120lbs). We put 26 of the best convertible car seats to the test, independently researching and testing each model to ensure they are safe, reliable, comfortable, feature-rich, versatile, and easy to use! Interested? For additional safety, it uses EPS energy-absorbing foam, side-impact protection, the innovative Peg Perego SAFE crumple zone system, and it's pretty easy to install correctly. All of the fabrics and areas of the seat are soft and plush, everything is padded and soft-touch (like the crotch buckle guard), and the infant insert provides additional plush supports to fit babies down to only 5 pounds. Since your bubs have passed the 6 month mark - how have you found your car capsule and if you could which would you recommend? You can check out the Britax Marathon ClickTight here. The weight range of the Rava only sees your kids through their early formative stages. It can be used in 5 different phase as Magellan Max. Diono Rainier 2AX & 2AXT All-in-One Convertible Car Seats, check out the Diono Rainier 2AXT all-in-one convertible car seat here, 17. Coming in at a hefty 33 pounds, the Clek Foonf sports crumple zones, a steel-reinforced frame, and a beefy steel anti-rebound bar.
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